Types of businesses that need local SEO
bars and restaurants.
law firms.
Local contractors.
real estate company.
Medical service providers.
shops and boutiques.
hair salons.
Government authorities.
Local non-profit organizations.
local councils.
Local Marketing Agencies.
car dealerships.
colleges and universities.
Any other business that wants to be found!
Benefits of Local SEO
There are several undeniable benefits of a local SEO strategy. The first benefit that comes to mind for most people is increased traffic, but there are many other benefits that can boost your business growth.

Some of the advantages of Local SEO are:
Increase in organic traffic.
More relevant traffic.
Reduced advertising costs.
Top Website Authority.
More customer reviews.
Increased brand awareness and trust.
More localized backlinks.
Improved social signals.
Better website experience for users.
Create your local SEO strategy
Once you’ve determined that your website needs local SEO, it’s time to develop a strategy to increase your local rankings and website traffic.
You can follow these 10 steps to create a successful local SEO plan.